Monday, June 22, 2015

Smiling Bright with DenTek!

Hey guys! Today I have some awesome products from my friends at DenTek! As a dentist friend once told me, not flossing is like standing with your arms by your sides and having someone throw food at you! I am a fan of handheld flossers versus traditional floss, and so when I received these products from DenTek I was super pumped (yes, for floss!!).

First I tried out their Fresh White Floss Picks- that floss AND Whiten in one. They are excellent at getting tough food out with the added bonus of whitening.

I also tried out their Instant Pain Relief for Toothaches. I'm saving these int he event that I need one, but it's great to know that they are so handy and mess-free!

This was a product I actually have tried on my own, but I love keeping the floss picks + case in my purse for a *flossing emergency* :)

Lastly I tried out their Easy Brush cleaners. Also great to keep on hand when traveling to freshen you up!

If you've never tried these DenTek products, I would highly recommend them!

Carolyn xo

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