Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review: Norvell DWTS Airbrush Tan

Hi guys! If you've checked out many of my blog posts, you already know I'm devastatingly pale. I swear I have tried every self-tanner on the planet! A few times I have splurged a bit more and gone for a real air-brush tan. And I mean the type where someone uses an airbrush gun on your skin precisely, not a machine that does it. So far, this is the only way I've gotten a desirable outcome. I received Norvell's Airbrush Tan Spray from their Dancing With The Stars line and I was a bit nervous to try a spray vs. many of the lotions and cremes I've tried before. After exfoliating in the shower, I hopped back in, used the supplied nose filters, and got started. It was surprisingly easy to use, and the smell was much more of a natural scent, not too flavored like fake vanilla or coconut. The best part was, this dried instantly! For areas of mine that typically have issues like knees and feet, I used my hands to rub in the spray to avoid streaks.

Normally I avoid self-tanning because it makes me so hot to have a thick lotion on all of my body, but this was not the case. I went about my day as normal and could instantly see results. By the next morning my skin was even darker, and as the directions stated, the initial bronze washed off in the shower, but a distinct tan stayed on my skin for several days. I'd definitely recommend this! You can check out these products here:

Carolyn xo

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