Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Nail Polish Trends: Rose Gold, Texture, Collabs + More!

Hey guys! Seeing as this is my first post of 2014, I figured I should include some of the trends for this year that I am (eagerly) anticipating.

Rose Gold
Rose Gold remains hot in the new year and now more and more polish makers are featuring the softer metallic. My favorite is Deborah Lippman Glamorous Life!

It seems every brand is trying to out-do each other with stranger and stranger textures. New releases already include China Glaze Crinkled Chrome, which is a matte metallic with glitter flecks and Zoya Awaken, a matte pastel metallic collection.

Scented Polish
Revlon has really been stepping up their game lately, and their new Parfumerie collection one-ups everybody. I wouldn't be surprise to see OPI or Essie come out with scented polish shortly!

More Collabs 
In 2014 there are a few awesome collaborations already announced and I'm sure we'll continue to see even more. The first photos from OPI x Gwen Stefani have just been released and include a variety of textures. Additionally, MAC is releasing a line which will include polish for the release of Disney's Maleficent which I imagine will be quite vampy and dark.

 What do you guys think the trends for this year will include?

Carolyn xo

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