Monday, February 4, 2013

My Take On: China Glaze Tranzitions

Hey everyone and Happy Monday! Today I have my take on a weird polish (IMO). I was pumped to try out China Glaze Tranzitions, polishes that change color and texture with top coat. I tried out Duplicityy first, a light teal color. The polish goes on a bit bumpy and not smooth at all. Normally I rely on top coat to help smooth out polish like this, but because of the polish I could do that. I tried out some dot nail art using top coat to show how this polish works. As you can see, the dots are a darker teal, and much shinier. I love the idea of this, but when I tried it, the top coat shriveled up the dots and looked very strange. Has anyone had better luck with this polish?

Carolyn xo

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