Tuesday, November 13, 2012

VERY BELATED Music Monday (Tuesday)

Hi friends! I have been majorly lacking on my latest music picks. Therefore, today's post will be a hefty one- with all of my latest music picks!

1. Hang It Up- The Ting Tings
I recognized this song first from the trailer for Pitch Perfect (a killer movie if you haven't seen it!) but now I am obsessed.

2. Nuclear Seasons- Charli XCX
You may recognize this from one of my guilty pleasure shows, Gossip Girl Or you may love it because it's just kick ass.

3. Bills, Bills, Bills- Masquer (Destiny's Child Cover)
I'm a sucker for a good Destiny's Child cover, and this indie group nails it.

4. Pop Life (2012 Mashup)
This is one of those intense 30 song mashups, but it's so fun I can't help but love it!

5. Lost- Vaudeville Smash (Frank Ocean Cover) 
I love Frank Ocean and this song, and this cover is so interesting. Worth a listen, or two.

6. Echo- Foxes (FIXYN Remix)
Foxes is just awesome, and this remix of her new song is fab.

Hope you enjoy!
Carolyn xo

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