Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Take On: Model's Own Aqua Violet Beetle Juice

Hey everyone! So if you've read my tweets lately you'll know that I broke pretty much every nail on my left hand over the weekend. Major bummer. So instead I had to take photos of my right hand, which is normally much sloppier and not as well kept as my left. Please forgive my nails and cuticles as they are not normal shown to the public :)

Aqua Violet Beetle Juice is a GORGEOUS color. I do have to say that it looks better in the bottle than on my nails. It loses some of the iridescence on the nail. It was slightly streaky and at first had some major bubble issues. But somehow with topcoat they went away!

(Sad broken left hand)

(Sad broken left hand)

(Sad right hand)

Carolyn xo

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