Monday, June 25, 2012

Metallic Gradient Mani + Tutorial!

Hey everyone and Happy Monday!

Today I have my best gradient mani yet! I have been seeing tutorials everywhere and wanted to provide another one as this mani can be tricky. To start, I painted my nails with the Magnetic Polish Pure Ice Ion-ically yours. I obviously did not use the magnetic part of it, but I just loved the color. Once that was completely dry, I began the gradient work. I used LA Colors Metallic Grey and mixed with Ion-ically yours to create the middle shade. So on my paper I had blobs of all three. Using a makeup sponge that was slightly damp, I painted on all three shades. Then you simply press on each nail repeatedly until you get the desired effect. These colors blended very well, better than gradients I've tried in the past. As always, this mani is pretty messy but after clean-up looks amazing. I'll definitely keep trying more color combos!



Carolyn xo

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