Friday, May 11, 2012

My Take On: Pure Ice Vinyl Remix

Hi everyone and Happy Friday!! I am ready for the weekend :)

Today I have a really cool polish to show you. Pure Ice sent me these polishes to review (Opinions are my own) and I was immediately intrigued. The concept, for those of you who haven't seen these before, is that there is a 'Magic' white base coat. Then there are several different colors of black crackle. At first you may be thinking huhh?? The crackle works with the white base coat, and as it crackles onto the nail, it makes the white beneath turn a color! This takes one step out of the mani with different shades underneath with one crackle color on top. And it's so cool! I chose to use the four different colors (orange, green, yellow and purple) in horizontal stripes on each nail.

First- here is a process pic so please excuse the messiness, to show how it works!

Now onto the final look!

Enjoy and have a fun and safe weekend!
Carolyn xo 


  1. Woah!! I'm not a fan of crackles, but that is pretty badass! :D

  2. These look so neat!! I may have to get them!


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