Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Attempt at the Gradient Manicure! (Go Easy On Me!)

Hey everyone! So today I have an interesting post for you :)

I've been loving the gorgeous gradient trend going around. I've seen it with the ombre look all in the same color family, and I've even seen fairly contrasting shades look fab with this tutorial! I've read a ton of posts on how to get this just right, and now I see why they are all so different. I'm hoping to get a tutorial out myself, but not until I perfect this.

I attempted the ombre look, using OPI Do You Lilac It? and Essie Smokin' Hot. To start I painted my whole nail with Do You Lilac It. I then painted two coats of Smokin' Hot on just the top 1/3 of my nail. Using a small brush, I mixed Do You Lilac It and Smokin Hot' to get the perfect in between shade. I painted this on to a makeup sponge (as recommended, it was slightly damp) and began to sponge the mixed color in between the two halves of my nail. Now this is where it got tricky for me. Maybe I didn't wait long enough for the first coats to dry, but when I sponged, the sponge picked up some of my nail polish on certain nails, and on others, it left nasty residue! So after a few attempts of repainting and responging, I tried lightly painted this mixed shade where there were any mess ups. Once that was painted on, I sponged it up! Kinda the opposite idea, but it worked! I did more of this on my left hand then my right hand so I have pictures of both to compare.And of course the top coat is SO important in this mani as it helps blend the shades. Check out my pics!

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

Overall I love this style and can't wait to try it again and get it just right. To those of you who've got it down- more power to you! I personally don't think this is as easy as it seems! :)

Carolyn xo

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