Thursday, May 3, 2012

Multi-Colored Tape Mani

Hi everyone! Today I have a fun take on the tape mani. I've been seeing a lot of this style and have been dying to try it. In order to get the multicolored look you can use 2 or 3 shades and paint each nail with all of the colors. You can keep each nail the same or make each one different like I did. The colors don't need to be perfect since you're covering up most of it anyways! I used KleanColor Metallic Aqua, Green and Sapphire. On some of my nails it looks like I used four colors because Metallic Aqua blended with Metallic Green to create a teal shade on some of my nails. After waiting for my nails to really really dry- and after feeling self conscious in public with heinous nails, I applied my small strips of tape. Once they were good and secure I used Essie Licorice on top. When that was realtively dry I peeled off the tape, applied top coat and voila!

Carolyn xo

PS- I won't be posting tomorrow :( So lookout for my next post on Monday!)

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  1. I loved! These nail polishes are so beautiful!!
    I'll follow you :)


  2. I am in loooove with all these tape manis! I seriously need to try this for myself, your nails look soooo pretty! What kind of tape did you use?

  3. This is gorgeous!! I also really like how it looks in the first picture, before the black! :D

  4. Thanks everyone!And I just used plain ol scotch tape, that I pre-cut with scissors.


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