Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday: Whitney Houston, Diplo, Karmin and more!

Hi everyone! So glad to be back with my Music Monday posts! Today I have a wide variety of songs that I have been listening to on repeat the past week and a half!

1. Titanium (David Guetta Cover) - Collin McLoughlin
While I love the original by David Guetta with Sia doing vocals, this acoustic cover just shows what a beautifully written song this truly is.

2. Dancing in Houston- Robyn vs. Whitney Houston
In Honor of the late Whitney, I'm posting this awesome mashup of Robyn's Dancing on my Own and Whitney's How Will I Know.

3. Climax- Diplo ft. Usher
Loving this collaboration with Diplo (who may be unfamiliar to some of you) and Usher. Usher's signature vocals make this song so smooth.

4. Brokenhearted- Karmin
Some of you may know Karmin from their famous Chris Brown cover of 'Look at me Now.' I've been following this duo for a while and I am so happy to see them have success like this! Last week they performed on SNL and unlike most artists on the show- the performance was awesome!

Carolyn xo

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