Friday, February 24, 2012

Border Showdown Nails- KU vs. MU

Happy Friday! Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while probably know I went to the University of Kansas! This weekend KU will play their long-time rival Missouri for the last time ever, as MU is leaving the conference. Now not all of you may be into sports, let alone college sports but all you need to know is- this is a big freaking deal for KU, and thus for me.

I've sported KU nails before with water marbling and crackle designs...but this time I wanted to do something a bit more creative.

I used so many polishes for this one it was hard to keep track! I used Essie Mademoiselle on my middle finger and thumb as a base for Chanel Mimosa- which tends to need 3-4 coats. I was not in the mood for a goopy, drippy mani so I used the Essie light pink to help Mimosa stand out. I used OPI Animal-istic (My fave red) and Butter London Blagger for the base colors. I then used Urban Outfitters unnamed red and blue glitter polishes to decorate! PS If anyone knows the names of those colors I'd LOVE to know. They are unlabeled and they drive me crazy!

So as you can see I used a combination of stripes, glitter, polka dots and finally the KU logo in this mani! I love the way this turned out and I can only hope that my nails will help us get a big win on Saturday :)

Close up!

Just for fun...

Have a good weekend loves!
Carolyn xo


  1. I love the sparkly letters!! :D Great manicure!

  2. Rock Chalk...great nails great blog.


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