Friday, January 20, 2012

Tape Mani Tutorial with Butter London Branwen's Feather and OPI Designer...De Better

Happy Friday friends! Today I have a really simple tutorial for you! So I had my nails painted with Butter London Branwen's Feather, a gorgeous deep purple- and I wanted to spice it up! I grabbed OPI Designer...De Better from the Muppets Collection (Swatch coming soon!) which is a lovely silver foil with orange flecks. Below is the tutorial and final pictures! PS- Please 'like' Notes and Nails on Facebook at

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Tape Mani Tutorial
You'll Need: Tape, Scissors and two contrasting polishes. 
1. Apply base coat and your first shade. Let it REALLY dry. In my case, I waited an entire day before doing this mani!
2. Cut strips of tape into thin lines of varying sizes, making sure the strips are longer than your nail length. Place the tape on your nail in whatever pattern you would like and press firmly. 
3. Paint a few coats of your contrasting shade right over the tape. It's best to use a polish that isn't too thick or goopy. 
4. Quickly peel the tape off! It's important to know which tape strip was applied first so you can pull them off in the correct order. When dry, finish off with top coat and voila! 

Left hand

Have you ever done a mani like this before?

Carolyn xo

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  1. oOooh! I like this a lot! I've never done an in-depth tape mani...I don't have the patience for cutting up all the tape, haha! Do you think they sell really skinny strips of tape I could just buy?


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