Thursday, January 26, 2012

Colorblock Nails with KleanColor Metallic Polishes!

Hi friends! Today I have my first mani using my new KleanColor metallic polishes I won from the lovely Nails Actually. I used Metallic Green, Metallic Aqua and Metallic Sapphire. All of these polishes are so thick they really only need one coat! I started with Metallic Green which almost looks yellow, then followed with Metallic Aqua. However, on top of the green- Metallic Aqua looked more like a pure green color. I finished this off with the deep Metallic Sapphire, a great dark blue. I love these shapes and colors together- I'll definitely be trying this design again! Remember to 'like' me on Facebook and follow me on GFC!

Carolyn xo


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