Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Art Club Glam Nails Decals!

Hi everyone! Today I have my first attempt with nail decals! My eye caught this geometric design. I'm all for nail stickers or decals when the design is something really interesting, but a plain hot pink mani? I can do it myself! These were not the easiest to apply, and after I applied them and shaped them to my nail, I could tell they would be falling off soon. They were getting caught on everything and I was so frustrated I took them off! They may look good, but they were a pain. And also not wide enough for my nails!

Have you ever tried these decals?

Carolyn xo


  1. Woahh those look so COOL!!! It's a shame that they are hard to use. :(

  2. Thanks! I wish they were better quality. But they looked good while I had them on haha!

  3. I saw these on tumblr and they are so pretty! Where did you buy them at? I'm so intrigued!

  4. Hi Emma! I got that at a small grocery store here in Kansas City! They had just a few types. I've never seen them before! I looked online and couldn't really find any! I just might have to grab some more and have a giveaway ;)


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