Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Favorite Albums of 2011

Hi everyone!

I have severely been neglecting the music side of this blog, and what better time than an year-end wrap up to get back on the wagon? So now I present my favorite albums of 2011! I don't want to say the best albums, because of course there are just so many to choose from and by no means are my favorites the best- just the ones I listen to nonstop!

In no particular order...

10. Undun by The Roots
Favorite Track: Lighthouse

9. Watch the Throne by Jay-Z and Kanye West
Favorite Track: Murder to Excellence

8.SBTRKT by Sbrkt
Favorite Track: Wildfire

7. Who You Are by Jessie J
Favorite Track: Who You Are

6. James Blake by James Blake
Favorite Track: The Wilhelm Scream

5. 4 by Beyonce
Favorite Track: Party

4. Bon Iver by Bon Iver
Favorite Track: Calgary

3. Lights by Ellie Goulding
Favorite Track: Under the Sheets

2. Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine
Favorite Track: Shake It Out

1. Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Favorite Track: Bloody Mary

And there you have it! Some runners up: Talk That Talk  by Rihanna, 21 by Adele, Oh Land by Oh Land, Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay, Audio, Video, Disco by Justice.

What were some of your favorite albums this year?

Carolyn xo

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