Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey everyone! So sorry for the lack of posts this week, I was off for the week and was relaxing with the fam.

Some of you may have watched the VMA's tonight but in case you missed it, here is a quick recap and some of my favorite moments!

1) Lady Gaga started off the show dressed as her 'alter ego' Joe Calderone, and spoke to the audience for a few minutes until finally starting her newest single 'You and I.'

2) Surprise performance from Jay-Z and Kanye, with a song off their Watch The Throne album, 'Otis.' Someone managed to run across the stage during the performance but they still rocked it. Fireworks, American Flags and Jean Ombre.

3) Adele's outstanding performance of 'Someone Like You.' No theatrics, just a piano and Adele.

4) Britney Spears tribute. Lady Gaga (still in drag) presented Britney with her award after a group of dancers honored all of Britney's best videos. I kind of feel like Lady Gaga ruined Britney's moment, as she was trying to 'hit' on Britney and talk to her the whole time instead of letting her speak.

5) Beyonce's pregnancy announcement. That is going to be the richest, prettiest, most talented baby ever.   After her performance, Beyonce undid her blazer and rubbed her clearly pregnant belly, with cameras immediately panning to Jay-Z.

6) Amy Winehouse tribute. Russell Brand introduced, and Tony Bennett shared an exclusive video of him in the studio with Amy where she looks and sounds gorgeous. Bruno Mars covered Valerie, and in one of my favorite moments they showed Adele singing every word in the audience (I would have been too!) It was as fun and joyful as it was moving and sad. Amy will be missed!

7) Jessie J as the house artist. I felt very bad that not everyone knew she had a broken foot and thus, was sitting the whole time. I am a huge fan of hers and it was almost embarrassing how good she was covering other artists' songs who were at the VMA's.

What did you think of the show?!

Carolyn xo

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