Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Obsession: Tyler Ward

Hi everyone!

Sorry for all of the late night posts recently, I'm still getting used to this whole 9-5 thing!

Speaking of work...I was listening to Pandora while doing all sorts of things, and a cover of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream came up. I immediately thought, who is this, and why don't I own all of their songs already?

The cover was by Tyler Ward, and since finding it I have stumbled upon all of his covers and original songs. Tyler takes popular pop songs and puts his own acoustic twist on them...even some songs you might not think would work acoustically- such as Dynamite by Taio Cruz or Club Can't Even Handle Me. Somehow...he makes all of these songs amazing!

Can't stop listening!!

Check out Tyler for yourself below, follow him on twitter @tylerwardmusic and find him on youtube!

Are you a fan of Tyler? Will you be checking out his tunes?

Carolyn xo

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