Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Album Preview of Beyonce's "4"

Hi everyone!

Beyonce's next album, titled "4" is coming out pretty soon. A few of the tracks have made their way around blogs etc. and from what I've heard...it's going to be great. Here are some tracks to preview...and decide what you think before getting the cd!

-Girls (Who Run The World): Her first track off the cd to come out...many people have seen the music video or heard this power girl-anthem. I personally love this song, and find it to be classic Sasha Fierce. 

   Run The World (Girls) by BeyoncĂ©

-1+1: I first heard this track performed by Beyonce on American Idol and I HATED it. Couldn't get into at all, and even ended up fast forwarding! After hearing it again...and watching this amazing video of her rehearsing for AI taken by Jay-Z...I've changed my mind. Still not my favorite song, but I like it.

 -Best Thing I Never Had: This one is a great girl-power anthem as well, telling off an ex-boyfriend that she is better off without him. Good bass and she sounds great!

   Best Thing I Never Had by BeyoncĂ©

-Countdown: I love love this one. Has a good Destiny's Child vibe to it. Makes me want to get up and dance!

-Party (ft. Andre 3000): This is also a great upbeat song. Feels like a good song to be playing in the background at a trendy bar haha.

   11 Beyonce ft Andre 3000 - Party by feedoffrap

What do you think of these tracks? Will you be getting her album?
Carolyn xo

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