Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Old School....Hard Candy Drop Out

Major throwback for me...

A good friend of me gave me her Hard Candy Drop Out more than five years ago. I love it but have not used it in about four years because I simply couldn't get the bottle open (embarrassing, I know!)

Finally last night I decided to take a crack at it and success! Bottle open!

This definitely could have used some thinner as it was quite chunky at first but it smoothed out.

Drop Out is a light purple with gold flecks. Just as gorgeous as I remember it!

Here are some shots I took:

In sunlight:


What do you think of Drop Out? Do you have any super old polishes you just love?
Carolyn xo


  1. So how did you finally get the bottle open? I finally resorted to running hot water and tapping a knife against a bottle of ColorClub Snakeskin,and it still wouldn't open. I haven't got to wear it yet since I got it.

  2. Tried the hot water thing but I think it was that my hands were really dry and after trying so much every month or so it finally opened! I've also tried a knife with this one and q-tips with nail polish remover. I also have a strong roommate who can usually open anything :)


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