Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Song from Bon Iver

Good afternoon everyone!

I'm stuck inside studying for my last finals ever, so I thought I'd share a great study tune!

Fun fact: The name Bon Iver is a play on "Bon Hiver" which in French means good winter.

Some of my favorite Bon Iver songs include Rosyln (which yes, was on the New Moon soundtrack), Woods (an auto-tune masterpiece), and most recently, Birdy did a cover of Skinny Love that was featured on The Vampire Diaries that I just LOVE!

They just released Calgary, a relaxing and soothing song that is perfect for studying, or just chilling out.

Check out Calgary here:

  Bon Iver - Calgary by indieistanbul

and a wonderful remix of it here:

  Bon Iver - Calgary (Cillo Remix) by Cillo

And for your listening pleasure...

  Bon Iver And St. Vincent - Roslyn by ieatcatlitter

and Woods:
  Bon Iver - Woods by greentea

What do you think of Calgary? Are you a fan of Bon Iver?

Carolyn xo


  1. I love Bon Iver! Especially since they did the song 'For Emma' which is my name haha :D I love this new song! Thanks for sharing, I probably wouldn't have heard of this for a while if you hadn't have posted this :) xxx

  2. I love For Emma, but I'm sure I would like it even more if it was my name :) Thanks for reading!


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