Monday, April 25, 2011

My Take On: Butter London Blagger

Blagger is a deep and bright blue from Butter London. It is vibrant and jewel-toned and in the bottle looks just gorgeous.

Application was perfect, and even one coat was very dark. I only used two coats. For just a minute, it looked a bit like OPI Ski Teal We Drop, but in the light Blagger is much brighter.

Fun fact: What does Blagger mean?

  1. (informal) A smooth talker, a persuasive person.
  2. (informal) A thief or robber, one who blags.

For a fun twist, I used CND Sapphire Sparkle on my thumbs.

Overall, I love it! Application was perfect, the color is fun and vibrant. I would recommend it for summer for sure! 

What do you think of Blagger? Do you like the sparkle on the thumbs? 

Carolyn xo

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